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Although Solarwinds and Netmon provide varying levels of network performance monitoring, they also differ tremendously in terms of their architecture. A head-to-head network monitoring comparison of Solarwinds and Netmon.

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How to setup a centralized SYSLOG and Windows Event Log Server where you can quickly look through many Servers, Workstations or other Network devices’ SYSLOG and Event Log information without having to log into each individual device to see the same information.

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What is The Network Monitor?

The Network Monitor is where you can find useful tips, how-to's, case studies and best practices regarding network monitoring. Our goal is to help smart IT professionals like yourself save time and effort with a centralized platform so that you can monitor, analyze, troubleshoot and be alerted should any issues or malfunctions occur on your network. Netmon is our network monitoring solution for SMB's and enterprises. Our network monitoring appliance allows you to view your entire network infrastructure right down to individual devices with error alerting and problem diagnoses so you can resolve issues in minutes instead of hours. And better yet, we are the only commercial network monitoring solution that provides infinite device licensing, so you do not have to pick and choose which devices and ports are most critical.

So if you done with paying outrageous service and device licensing fees and you are looking for a network monitoring solution with real-time traffic analysis, device performance tracking, and more check out our Netmon features list and our online live demo.