Troubleshoot Network Issues in Minutes, instead of Hours.

Netmon gives you the power to monitor and analyze your entire network infrastructure in real time right down to individual devices with error alerting and problem diagnoses so you can resolve issues in minutes instead of hours.


• Monitor and Analyze Network Traffic, Bandwidth Utilization, Devices' Performance, and SNMP SYSLOGs all-in-one easy to use interface.

• Error Detection / Alerting with Problem Recognition.

• View Historical Data and Produce Highly Detailed Custom Reports about anything and everything on your network.


Product Specifications

Netmon Appliance

• Intel Xeon E3 Haswell 3.1 GHZ Quad Core
• 500 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD
• 2 x GB LAN, 2 SATA 3, IMMI, USB 3.0

Netmon VM - Minimum Hardware Requirements

• CPU - 4 Cores
• Memory - 8 GB RAM
• Storage - 120 GB
• Connectivity - 2 x GB LAN NICs


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A Complete Network Monitoring Solution


Netmon is a Complete and Full Featured Network Monitoring System featuring industry leading tools that help IT Professionals solve problems and manage their IT environment & infrastructure efficiently and effectively.

Netmon is the only no compromise, all-inclusive hardware & software solution offering a complete package of tools and features including our real-time traffic sniffing technology.

For a complete feature list please click below:

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Real Time Monitoring


One of Netmon’s key and defining features is its ability to monitor and analyze the entire network infrastructure in real time, giving you a powerful and complete view of the current status of your network.

• Analyze Network Traffic
• Monitor Bandwidth Utilization
• Monitor Devices' Perfomance (Physical Network Infrastructure)
• Show Real-Time Network Conversations



Alerting / Notifying


The key to any network monitoring solution is the ability to alert and notify users of malfunctions or any configured or set parameters.



Event Log / SYSLOG Monitoring


Netmon gathers event logs created by devices that keep logs utilizing SYSLOG (and Event Logs on Windows Servers) and allows you to view and analyze logs from your entire network infrastructure in one centralized platform making them accessible faster.

Netmon even allows you to create alerts based on specific event log strings so that you get notified when there are issues!



Historical Reporting


With Netmon you are able to output fully customizable and highly detailed reports over any desired time range about anything and everything on your network. This provides extremely useful data for proactive network administration, problem analysis and future planning. Reports can also be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly and notifications sent to user once they are completed.

historical data reporting


Multiple Location Monitoring


Netmon can receive and generate NetFlow data enabling for advanced remote network analysis and monitoring in real time. With a centralized Netmon Appliance you can receive NetFlow data from other Netmon Appliances (or CISCO devices that transmit NetFlow) from any location.



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