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You spoke, we listened!

Over the past 7 months we've taken our already most successful release of Netmon to a whole new level. We've refined and improved the way you use and interact with Netmon based on your input and suggestions as well as adding support for new devices and changing technologies.

Some of the key features of this release are:

• Home Search Filtering - find what you're looking for instantly!
• Tree View / Device View Toggles
• Alert Management per Device on Device Dashboards
• Windows Server 2012 Disk / Volume / Share Compatibility
• Running Services Trackers and Alerts on Servers
• Disk Tracker Threshold Warnings
• Version Upgrades through the Graphical User Interface
• Amber Warning Implementation into Devices View / Tree View and Home Dashboard
• Addition of 'Recent Alerts' tab per Device on Device Dashboards and in Recent Activity on the Home Dashboard

You can login and see a live working demo of Netmon 6.1 if you would like to try it out!

Upgrade Qualifications – FREE UPGRADE


  • Must have an active Netmon Maintenance Subscription
  • Must be on the latest version of Netmon (Netmon 6.0, See the 'Simple GUI Upgrade' section below)
  • Must have compatible hardware (see Hardware compatibility below)


Simple GUI Upgrade!

Upgrading to Netmon 6.1 is now easier than ever! If you are on a Netmon Maintenance Plan and on the latest version of Netmon (Netmon 6.0) you can now upgrade to Netmon 6.1 by going to the Settings panel and checking for updates. (As always, be sure to back up your current configuration of Netmon before running any upgrades).

For a walkthrough of the instructions see the video on the right or click here to view the PDF.

If you are on Netmon 5.3, you will need to upgrade to Netmon 6.0, and then upgrade through the GUI as stated above.

If you are on an even earlier version of Netmon, or require special assistance, we offer Professional Services for upgrading you to the latest version of Netmon (see the 'Professional Upgrade Service' section below).


Chances also are, you will require new hardware to run Netmon 6.1 if you are on an old version of Netmon running on an old appliance (or your own hardware). This is the perfect opportunity to get our latest Netmon Server Appliance with Netmon 6.1 preloaded. We offer special incentives for existing Netmon Customers and Maintenance Subscribers to help you make the move to a new appliance.

Contact Us and we'll take care of you!

Hardware Compatibility

Netmon 6.1 is a major release and has minimum hardware requirements that some of the older appliance models do not meet. Please contact Netmon Sales to see if your product is capable of running Netmon 6.1.

Your current hardware won't support Netmon? Trade up your existing Netmon Appliance to our brand new powerful Netmon Appliance pre-installed with Netmon 6.1!

***As a current Netmon Maintenance subscriber you will receive credit for upgrading to our New Appliance. Contact Us to find out more information! 



Netmon Server Appliance

4 Core Intel Xeon E3 3.1Ghz
256 GB SanDisk X110 SSD
2 x Gigabit LAN NICs

Netmon Professional Upgrade Service


Whether you need help completing the upgrade or simply want Netmon installed and configured in the most efficient and timely manner, we are ready to make your transition smooth!

What's included?

• Back up existing Netmon configurations and settings

• Installation of Netmon 6.1 (If you are on a version older than Netmon 6 the configuration requires manual migration of your configurations to work with Netmon 6.1. There is no simple script to upgrade you from versions 5.3 and earlier)

• Reconfiguration and Migration of Netmon 6.1

• Guided Netmon 6.1 walkthrough of new features and functions - The GUI of Netmon 6.1 has changed drastically and there are many new features that we will help you get familiar with and make sure that you are using Netmon 6.1 to its full potential.

Package 1 – $595.00 USD

(up to 4 hours)


  • Netmon 6.1 Installation - Upgrade (from any prior version of Netmon)
  • Data Migration to Netmon 6.1
  • Configuration of Netmon 6.1
  • Netmon 6.1 Walkthrough + Basic Training

Package 2 – $995.00 USD

(up to 8 hours)


  • Netmon 6.1 Installation - Upgrade (from any prior version of Netmon)
  • Data Migration to Netmon 6.1
  • Configuration of Netmon 6.1
  • Complete Walkthrough of Netmon 6.1
  • Training
  • Netmon Tune Up


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