We are pleased to announce the latest and most significant release of Netmon since inception. Upgrade Now!


What’s New?


Better User Experience

• Completely rewritten user interface built on modern web protocols and technology
• Access Netmon from anywhere with a new mobile optimized layout
• Improved dashboard views now make more efficient use of screen space
• A unified, device-oriented view brings performance, configuration and log data together for a complete picture of device health


Better Performance

• Netmon is now more responsive through numerous improvements in data caching and middleware



Easier Setup

• Deployments are now easier with an improved Setup Wizard
• Save time: Netmon now sets up most trackers and dashboards automatically through advancements in automatic discovery services
• Easier network configuration: Network connections can now be configured in the Netmon web interface


Better Traffic Visualization

• Introducing the all new Visual Network Explorer 2 (VNE2), with a completely redesigned visualization engine
• Completely rewritten to be more intelligent and responsive
• See hosts with many connections more easily through a smarter visual layout
• Inspect specific activities for a point in time more thoroughly by freezing the view in place

Click Here to download the Netmon 6 Data Sheet


Free Upgrade Qualifications


Netmon Subscribers

Current Netmon Maintenance Subscribers qualify for a free upgrade! Contact Us to confirm that you are on our Maintenance Plan.

If you're no longer on our Maintenance Plan, take this opportunity to renew and upgrade to Netmon 6.0. For a short time we are offering special discounts to customers who have bought Netmon in the past off our regular prices. Contact Us!

Hardware Compatibility

Netmon 6.0 is a major release and has minimum hardware requirements that some of the older appliance models do not meet. Please contact Netmon Sales to see if your product is capable of running Netmon 6.0.

Your current hardware won't support Netmon? Trade up your existing Netmon Appliance to our brand new powerful Netmon Appliance pre-installed with Netmon 6.0!

***As a current Netmon Maintenance subscriber you will receive credit for upgrading to our New Appliance. Contact Us to find out more information! 



Netmon Server Appliance

4 Core Intel Xeon E3 3.1Ghz
256 GB SanDisk X110 SSD
2 x Gigabit LAN NICs

Upgrade Process

Being a major release and a complete change in software architecture, whether you're starting from scratch or migrating data from your current Netmon, it may be a challenging process to upgrade to Netmon 6.0 for the average IT technician. Please take a look at the Upgrade instructions found on our Support Page.

Need help with the upgrade? No problem, See Netmon Professional Upgrade Service below.

Netmon Professional Upgrade Service


Whether you need help completing the upgrade or simply want Netmon installed and configured in the most efficient and timely manner, we are ready to make your transition smooth!

What's included?

• Back up existing Netmon configurations and settings

• Installation of Netmon 6.0 (If you are on a version older than Netmon 5.3 the configuration requires a manual migration of your configuration to work with the new version. There is no simple script to upgrade you from versions prior to 5.3)

• Reconfiguration and Migration of Netmon 6.0

• Guided Netmon 6.0 walkthrough of new features and functions - The GUI of Netmon 6.0 has changed drastically and there are many new features that we will help you get familiar with and make sure that you are using Netmon 6.0 to its full potential.

Package 1 – $595.00 USD

(up to 4 hours)


  • Netmon 6.0 Installation - Upgrade (from Version 5.3)
  • Data Migration to Netmon 6.0
  • Configuration of Netmon 6.0
  • Netmon 6.0 Walkthrough + Basic Training

Package 2 – $995.00 USD

(up to 8 hours)


  • Netmon 6.0 Installation - Upgrade (from any prior version of Netmon)
  • Data Migration to Netmon 6.0
  • Configuration of Netmon 6.0
  • Complete Walkthrough of Netmon 6.0
  • Training
  • Netmon Tune Up


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