Uncompromised Network Monitoring

All-inclusive Network Monitoring Solution for SMBs

Our Monitoring Solution provides

With our proprietary software and physical hardware, we oversee your security operations to support your Network Technicians & Engineers. Netmon’s real-time reporting and traffic sniffing ensures your team has access to the highest security protocols possible for your business.

Frankly, our product is just more secure.

We purposely run on Linux as it is the most secure operating system. As a secondary measure, we package our software on our own hardware. We do this to provide a secure platform to monitor your organization.

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Innovators in Network Monitoring

With over 15 years in the industry, Netmon's product is more secure than others. Certified and used by government agencies and countless businesses across North America. Innovators in network monitoring, our combined development of appliances and software provides us with a true differentiator in the market. Just one of our Network Monitoring Solutions is capable of monitoring up to 1000 devices.

Netmon’s Uncompromised Network Monitoring for Your Business!

Benefit from:
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Alert Management
  • Latency Tracking
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Complete Visualization of Your Network

You’ll Be in Good Company

Monitoring Businesses Across North America providing a complete visualization of their network.

Beyond Security Breaches...

If you’re worried about: 
  • Managing False Positive Alerts
  • Data Integrity Concerns
  • Data Accuracy and Safety
  • Legacy Security Software
  • Using Breached Systems
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We solve these concerns with:
  • Simplified licensing model (Appliance licensed for up to 1000 network devices)
  • Simplified user interface with common-sense approach allowing for easy user adoption
  • Accurate data provided by robust database structure&
  • Flexible user interface allowing user-customizable dashboards and widgets which allow users to display information that is important to them
  • High speed performance from a browser-based application