Network Monitoring

No Compromises. No Extras!

Solve problems and manage IT networks efficiently and effectively.
Netmon has been built to provide complete visibility into the activities and devices across your network featuring industry-leading tools in one easy to use solution.
Fiber Optic cables and UTP Network cables

Network Monitoring for the Technicians that have to support Networks!

Our Network Monitoring system is an appliance-based solution which includes both the software and hardware with no additional licenses required. It is capable of monitoring Network environments up to 1000 devices.
Although we provide many of the same network performance monitoring as our competitors (including Ping Trackers/Latency, SNMP, Syslog & WMI), we are on of the few products on the market that provides real-time network traffic analysis (which is vital in knowing what is going on in todays Network world). See for yourself how Netmon can be a good fit for not only Network monitoring but also Network troubleshooting!

Netmon versus SolarWinds Comparison

In light of the recent SolarWinds Security breach which contributed to many others SolarWinds customers getting compromised, Netmon has been inundated with requests from customers looking for alternatives. They have also inquired as to the security of other competitive Network monitoring solutions. Previously, we had done a comparison of our Netmon product to SolarWinds Orion NPM product to provide additional information to potential customers.

Please feel free to conatct us directly to discuss fundamental security differences between our product and SolarWinds.
Fiber Optic cables and UTP Network cables
Visibility is the key to quickly and accurately identifying the root cause of problems in your network environment. Complete visibility into of your digital network and physical infrastructure in two affordable, appliance-based monitoring software solutions that are trusted globally by large and small organizations from an array of industries including: military, financial, insurance and information technology firms.

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