5 Critical Reasons for Network Traffic Analysis


As communication and network infrastructure grows in size and complexity, having a complete view and understanding of your network environment (including the amount and type of network traffic going back and forth) becomes vital to your business’ health and operations.

Having the right tools to do the job is just as important. If you can’t quickly determine the source, destination, rate and the type of traffic going across the network, you don’t have the right tool.

Enter, Network Traffic Analysis and the key reasons for why it should be a tool that every Systems Administrator and IT Professional should be using on a daily basis.


1. Isolating High Bandwidth Consumers


Bandwidth Utilization Spike

Knowing there is heavy usage or a spike in bandwidth is one thing, but being able to quickly isolate and identify who (or what) is causing them is another.

With network traffic analysis you are able to quickly isolate and identify the who, the what and where - in real time.

Network Utilization - Unknown Protocol Spike

Recent Activity Analysis



2. Determining Network Traffic Utilization trends

Do you have any bottlenecks in your network? What is your average network utilization? Peak Utilization? Do you have enough capacity to support further growth?
Regular monitoring and analysis of your traffic can give you the answers to these questions, and allow you to better manage your network.

3. Finding Rogue Users, Problem Devices and Process

Rogue users, devices and processes are not only security threats to your network but also the cause of network slowdowns and outages. Being able to detect and eliminate them are crucial to your network’s accessibility and your company’s operations.


Real Time Conversations (network activity)
in the Virtual Network Explorer (VNE)


With Netmon’s VNE (Visual Network Explorer) you can quickly isolate heavy users and devices with a substantial amount of connections (typical of peer to peer traffic) in real time.


User Activity Report


In addition to real time analysis, you can run daily, weekly and even monthly reports ensuring that the traffic on your network is within company guidelines.


4. Historical Analysis and Audits

Having historical network traffic data helps you troubleshoot, establish network benchmarks, plan for growth, and investigate network occurrences by combining all traffic statistics and filters in various customizable reports so that you have a complete view of your entire network environment.

Types of Reports available

Network Activity Report, Conversation Report

A report that displays network communication and bandwidth usage between source and host devices (and IPs) as well as the port(s) of communication (TCP / UDP)

Protocol Analysis Report

A report showing the network traffic utilization along with a traffic analysis breakdown by communication ports (TCP UDP)

Web Traffic Report

Displays web pages (urls) and IPs visited by specific devices or workstations on the network along with the timestamps

Email Traffic and Inspection Reports

Displays detailed statistics and information between email hosts and recipients




5. Forensic Audits – Traffic Capture

For instances that require a detailed investigation, Netmon allows you to capture traffic in its entirety from a specified range, or even single IP where it then can be exported into WireShark for a deep packet analysis. (link to netmon wireshark series)

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• Monitor and Analyze Network Traffic, Bandwidth Utilization, Devices' Performance, and SNMP SYSLOGs all-in-one easy to use interface.

• Error Detection / Alerting with Problem Recognition.

• View Historical Data and Produce Highly Detailed Custom Reports about anything and everything on your network.


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