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sensorProbe Updates

Notes: The (base) firmware is the latest firmware that supports the sensorProbe 8 units with the Atmega128 micro-controller (SPxxxi). You can check your units micro-controller version in the web interface System page >> System Description. If you see an “I” after the firmware version (SPxxxi) then your unit is using the older Atmega128 micro-controller and will only be capable of updating to the (Base) update.

If you have one of the Atmega128 micro-controller units the link above may not work if your device is brand new or has been set back to factory Settings. Depending on the device you have, you will need to update the firmware accordingly. Start with the, followed by the and then the newest one which works for both sensorProbe 2 and 8.

The sensorProbe 8 Firmware will work with the sensorProbe x20 Devices.

securityProbe Updates

If the current firmware update is not uploading, the firmware shipped with the device may be slightly out of date and need a previous firmware version before being able to update to the current firmware.

Below are links for the older firmware updates. Apply the firmware that applies to your model from below and then try to update to the most current (at the top.)