Netmon – the All-In-One Real Time Network Monitoring Solution for Your Business


Netmon - the All-In-One Real Time Network Monitoring Solution for Your Business

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WINDSOR, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 15, 2016) - Monitor your network environment, infrastructure and traffic with a SINGLE and POWERFUL SOLUTION. Netmon offers the most reliable all-in-one hardware and software solution when it comes to identification and resolution of network infrastructure issues in real time, as well as troubleshooting any network related problems with a comprehensive alert system that can be tailored to suit specific needs. Regardless of the problem, from server issues to network performance and accessibility, Netmon offers users a variety of tools and features including uninterrupted real time traffic analysis and network monitoring.

This powerhouse network monitoring system sets the industry standard with its application flexibility and tools like real time traffic analysis, which allows users to analyze and pinpoint the source, destination and type of traffic going across the network, as well as network monitoring tools which allows the users to monitor physical network infrastructure performance. These impressive features allow users to get issues resolved faster by saving time and money on troubleshooting.

Netmon helps professionals stay on top of things with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness by giving the user control of what information is seen and when it's relevant. Other benefits include user notifications for any configured or set parameters, SYSLOG / Event Log monitoring, extensive historical reporting and analysis, website defacing detection and multi-site location monitoring.

Netmon is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. They set the benchmark for their competitors by offering real time traffic analysis along with the inclusion of a comprehensive user alert system that is completely customizable. This is why they are the only company that can offer an all-in-one software and hardware and continually develop and improve the product to keep with modern standards.

For professionals who choose Netmon, real time monitoring technology makes it possible to monitor all aspects of your environment, including CPU and RAM utilization on servers, firewalls, switches and routers all in one centralized platform with detailed reports that are just one click away. Comprehensive alerts, in-depth analysis and reporting allow users to narrow in to specific areas for detailed and targeted analysis and troubleshooting.

Security features like the ability to run port scans on any target host and display their current open ports, recently discovered host alerts, and an integrated web tracker service for tracking site hacking and accessibility are also included.

Netmon Inc. specializes in real time network traffic analysis and network monitoring solutions. Netmon's development for the past 10 years has allowed them to become a global leader in the industry as the only company to offer a fully-featured all-in-one network monitoring system backed all around the world by government agencies, large corporations as well as local small businesses alike.

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Netmon Inc. was founded in Windsor, Ontario in 2007, specializing in the development and deployment of network monitoring and environmental monitoring solutions. Netmon gives IT administrators complete network visibility in an affordable, appliance-based networking monitoring software solution that is trusted globally by large and small organizations from an array of industries including: military, financial, insurance and information technology firms.

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