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Create Web Trackers in Netmon


Have any of your website or web applications gone down, been hacked, or defaced? When and how did you find out?

In this post, we will show you how Netmon monitors your websites (or web applications) in our complete Network Monitoring Solution.

There are a few types of monitoring that are going to take effect when you create web trackers / url in Netmon.

  • ICMP / PING will provide you with: latency and status (up / down)
  • Pattern Match: will let you select a string of text on your website / URL that Netmon will check against to make sure that your site has not been defaced. Alternatively, your server where your site is residing may be operational and responsive but the site itself may be down or content may not be resolving.

Most importantly, when you create a Web / URL tracker you can create an email alert and be notified should any of the above trackers fail.

You can also run historical reports on your sites / URLs; for example: what was the latency for my website over the course of the week? What was the uptime of the website for the month?
web trackers 2

Adding A Web / URL Tracker in Netmon


When signed into your Netmon Device you will need to navigate to the Web Trackers tab:
Click Add Web Tracker

add web tracker

On the Add/Edit Web Tracker pop up fill in the fields below:

URL: This is the website URL that you want to monitor
Pattern to Match: A string of text on the URL page that Netmon will check to see exists every sample interval

Once your Web Tracker is created and Netmon has a chance to poll your new tracker and go through the pattern match, you will see a Status: Match like below:

web tracker match


Creating a Web / URL Tracker Alert

To create your Web Tracker alert click the alerts button on the right hand side of your created tracker and fill in the required fields as illustrated on right.

Should your website url or web application go down, be defaced or hacked you will be immediately notified so that you can take action and resolve the issue.

create alert

There are many more uses, configurations and examples of what can be done with Netmon’s Network Monitoring Solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

You can also go to our demo where you can navigate through a live and working instance of netmon from our HQ, and finally, we can even do a phone and web session where we give you a full demo of the product.


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