What’s New in Netmon 6.0?

Netmon 6.0

Is our most ambitious update ever. A selection of the improvements in this release:

Better User Experience

  • Completely rewritten user interface built on modern web standards
  • Access Netmon from anywhere with new mobile-optimized layout
  • Improved dashboard views now make more efficient use of screen space
  • A unified, device-oriented view brings performance, configuration and log data together for a complete picture of device health

Better Performance

  • Netmon is now more responsive through numerous improvements in data caching and middleware

Easier Setup

  • Deployments are now easier with an improved Setup Wizard
  • Save time: Netmon now sets up most trackers and dashboards automatically through advancements in automatic discovery services
  • Easier network configuration: network connections can now be configured in the Netmon web interface

Better Traffic Visualization

  • Introducing the Visual Network Explorer 2 (VNE2), with a completely redesigned visualization engine
  • Completely rewritten to be more intelligent and responsive
  • See hosts with many connections more easily through a smarter visual layout
  • Inspect specific activities for a point in time more thoroughly by freezing the view in place


Troubleshoot Network Issues in Minutes, instead of Hours.

Netmon gives you the power to monitor and analyze your entire network infrastructure in real time right down to individual devices with error alerting and problem diagnoses so you can resolve issues in minutes instead of hours.


• Monitor and Analyze Network Traffic, Bandwidth Utilization, Devices' Performance, and SNMP SYSLOGs all-in-one easy to use interface.

• Error Detection / Alerting with Problem Recognition.

• View Historical Data and Produce Highly Detailed Custom Reports about anything and everything on your network.


Product Specifications

Netmon Appliance

• Intel Xeon E3 Haswell 3.1 GHZ Quad Core
• 500 GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD
• 2 x GB LAN, 2 SATA 3, IMMI, USB 3.0

Netmon VM - Minimum Hardware Requirements

• CPU - 4 Cores
• Memory - 8 GB RAM
• Storage - 120 GB
• Connectivity - 2 x GB LAN NICs

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A Complete Network Monitoring Solution


Netmon is a Complete and Full Featured Network Monitoring System featuring industry leading tools that help IT Professionals solve problems and manage their IT environment & infrastructure efficiently and effectively.

Netmon is the only no compromise, all-inclusive hardware & software solution offering a complete package of tools and features including our real-time traffic sniffing technology.

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