All-in-one network monitoring

solution for enterprises and SMBs


Netmon 7.0 is a new product designed to meet the needs of Network Administrators and Network Engineers like you. Our product helps them monitor and manage network environments with a focus on key alert management and visibility.

In addition to a suite of monitoring tools and technologies, Netmon 7.0 provides complete customizable flexibility to provide you with the monitoring and performance data that is important to you.

Netmon 7.0 is a Network Monitoring hardware appliance which includes everything you need to monitor small to large sized networks up to 1000 devices. The appliance includes the appropriate hardware resources and all software licensing bundled, so there are no additional costs.

New Functionality in Netmon 7.0

Netmon 7.0 includes the following new tools and functionality:
  • Enhanced Security
  • Brand new Windows agent for installation on windows Computers/Server (used for polling/monitoring performance data and Event log)
  • Event Log Query Tool/Analyzer
  • Site View (Ability to customize Devices/Dashboards based on separate Sites)
  • Customizable Dashboards/Widgets for displaying key performance information however the user wants to see it
  • New – Dark Mode theme
  • Network Tools
    • Ping
    • Traceroute
    • MTR
    • MTU Discovery
    • SNMP Walk
    • Portscan
    • Packet Capture
    • Log Query
    • Network Speed Test

All-Inclusive Monitoring System

Network Monitoring Technologies

Netmon 7.0 includes the following type of Network Monitoring:
  • Ping/Latency Monitoring
  • Network Service Monitoring
  • SNMP Performance Monitoring
  • WMI Performance Monitoring
  • Disk Utilization
  • Syslog Monitoring/Alerting
  • Event Log Monitoring (NEW)
  • Agent Monitoring
  • Network Traffic Analysis – Traffic Sniffing
  • Network Traffic Analysis – NetFlow
  • URL Traffic Pattern Monitoring

Latency Monitoring

Provides the ability to track device latency over time and to trigger alerts based upon device down or high latency (custom configured).

Netmon Infographic Images

Network Service Monitoring

Provides the ability to monitor traffic protocols based on TCP/UDP ports.

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SNMP Performance Monitoring

Netmon Infographic Images (364 × 486 px)

Provides the ability to monitor performance metrics of SNMP-enabled devices including CPU, memory, network interfaces, etc.

Disk Utilization Monitoring

Provides the ability to monitor Computer/Server disk utilization via WMI or Agent-based performance monitoring.

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Event Log Query Analyzer

Netmon 7.0 now includes a full-featured Windows Event Log Query Analyzer, providing users with a easy tool for navigating and reviewing Event logs from multiple Windows machine sources.

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Real Time Traffic Analysis

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Netmon includes real-time traffic analysis via Network port mirroring or Cisco NetFlow. The Netmon appliance includes eight separate Gigabit network interfaces in which to connect multiple network switches for traffic sniffing. Additionally, Netmon also support Cisco NetFlow and NetFlow streams can be ingested into the Netmon traffic analyzer to provide a similar output as sniffed traffic.

Network Tools

Netmon Infographic Images (364 × 486 px)(1)

Netmon 7.0 now includes new Network troubleshooting tools to assist Network support personnel with their day-to-day activities. These tools are included a no additional cost.

Network Speed Test

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Provides the ability to perform an Internet Speed Test of the Network (as measured from the Netmon appliance).


Untitled design(3)

Network tool that measures latency to a single network device or multiple devices.


Untitled design(5)

Network tool that is a combination of Ping and Traceroute. MTR probes routers on the route path by limiting the number of hops individual packets may traverse, and listening to responses of their expiry.


Untitled design(2)

Network tool that traces the route to a Host and measuring transit delays of packets across an Internet Protocol network.


Untitled design(6)

Network tool that probes a Server or Host device for open ports.

Netmon’s Uncompromised Network Monitoring for Your Business!

Benefit from:
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Alert Management
  • Latency Tracking
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Complete Visualization of Your Network