5 Dry Contact Sensor Inputs


Ability to have up to 5 dry contact inputs per RJ45 on the SP2.



An optional feature of the sensorProbe2DC is the ability to have up to 5 dry contact inputs per RJ45. This gives a total maximum possible inputs of 10 per sensorProbe2DC by utilizing both of the RJ45 sensor ports.

These dry-contact ports can be used to monitor any dry-contact inputs, just like the normal auto sense dry-contact ports, but, these ports can only be set to operate in the input mode. The additional sensors are labeled as ports 3 to 12.

*Note: Only works on sensorProbe2 and sensorProbe2+ Base Units

Additional information

Weight N/A


• Optional 5 / max 10 dry contacts on sensorProbe2DC
• Normally open/normally closed dry contact sensor
• Input mode Only
• Input voltage range 0-5 Volts


Measurement Range
• Alarm or Normal

Communications cable
• RJ-45 jack to sensor using UTP Cat 5 wire

Sensor Type
• Open / Closed contact switch

Input Voltage Range
• 0 to 5 volts

Power Source
• Powered by the sensorProbe. No additional power needed

Measurement Rate
• Multiple readings every second
• Normal input voltage is settable under software
• Normally open, normally closed is settable under software
• Up to 5 dry contact inputs per RJ-45 making upto 10 Dry Contact Inputs in sensorProbe2


Dry Contact Sensor


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