Electronic Strike Plate (European Long Type) with Signal (Fail Secure)



This Electronic Strike Plate(ACDL05) is the European “Long” type variety. It works perfectly with our electronic door locks and is compatible with the AKCess Pro Server application when used in conjunction with our Door Control Unit.

A robust design that is made from stainless steel ensures peace of mind for your Access Control needs. This is especially the case when used with our heavy duty door locks.

Adding the Electronic Strike Plate to the Heavy Duty Electronic Door Lock or other door latch handle ensures that in an emergency the door can be opened using the handle or keys supplied.

• Suitable for: wooden, metal and PVC Doors
• Finished in Aluminum
• Fail secure ensures high security in an emergency
• Proven 500,000 cycles. Ideal for high traffic sites.

*Used in conjunction with the Heavy Duty Electronic Door Lock.

Additional information

Weight 0.507 kg


Size (mm)
• 250L x 32W x 33H

Holding Force
• up to 800 kg

• DC 12 V (DC 24 V)

• DC 12 V / 250 mA, DC 24 V / 150 mA

Surface Temperature
• ≤+20°C

Operating Temperature
• -10~+25°C (14-131°F)

Operating Humidity
• 0~90% (non-condensing)

• 0.4 kg


ACDL05 Failsecure Electronic Strike Plate


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