The E-sensor8 is an expansion module that has (8) RJ-45 intelligent sensor ports and is connected to any of the (4) RJ-45 expansion ports located on the front panel of the securityProbe 5E base units. They are connected using standard CAT5 LAN cable.


The E-opto16 may also be daisychained using the E-Out / E-In ports on other expansion boards.

A wide variety of equipment that generates an output signal or voltage can be connected to each of the 2 wire dry contact inputs located on the back of the E-opto16 module. The (16) dry contact input LED status is displayed on the front panel.

The E-modules can be extended up to 300 meters from the securityProbe 5E base unit. There is no limit to how many E-modules can be connected to a single securityProbe 5E. It depends only on the number of sensors connected. A maximum of 500 data points can be monitored by the securityProbe 5E base unit.

A typical application for the E-opto16 would be to connect the outputs of an alarm panel to each of the 16 dry contact inputs allowing the securityProbe 5E’s full featured built in notification system to be integrated into these alarm panels, or other systems that output a voltage.

The 300 meter maximum run length is not the total run length of all of the E-Boards combined. This is each E-Boards maximum run length from either the base unit, or from each other.

Additional information

Weight 1.514 kg


• Connect up to 8 sensors to the 8x RJ45 ports
• Compatible with all of AKCP’s intelligent sensors
• Expands the securityProbe 5E’s capabilities
• Rack Mountable 19” 1U
• Use with AKCP’s DIN rail sensor rackmount system
• Extendable Using Standard CAT5 LAN Cable
• Daisy Chain unlimited number of expansion modules


Daisy Chainable

The expansion modules can be daisy chained together using the units input, or E-in and output, E-out port. These also are RJ-45 ports and use standard CAT5 cable. These E-modules can be extended from the securityProbe 5Es base unit or from each other up to 300 meters, or roughly 1000 feet.

Note: The 300 meter maximum run length is not the total run length of all of the E-modules combined. This is the Expansion modules maximum cable length from either the base unit or from each other. There is no limit to how many expansion modules can be connected in this 300 meter run to a single securityProbe 5E base unit. This solely depends on how many sensors are connected. Up to 600 sensors can be connected to a single securityProbe 5E.


The OID’s for checking the expansion modules and securityProbe 5E are as follows:

The OID will start with . for checking the sensors on the expansion modules including the E-sensor8.

This SNMPwalk command . can be used for checking all of the sensors on the securityProbe 5E.

This SNMPwalk command . can be used for returning the status of the expansion modules.


• Size: 8.5”x5.43”x1.80“
• Weight  2.4 pounds

Power Requirements
• Voltage 7.0 – 9 VDC, 3 Amp

Power Consumption
• Typical 6.150 Watt, 0.82A

Status Indication
• LED indication for Power
• LED for Network Connectivity
• LED for sensor online and threshold status
• Disconnect alert from securityProbe 5E base unit notifications.

• Rack mount brackets included
• Compatible with AKCP DIN and tray rackmount kits

• 8x RJ-45 ports for connecting AKCP sensors
• 1x RJ-45 expansion module input (E-in)

• Configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any of the 8 RJ-45 sensor ports
• 1 RJ-45 expansion module output (E-out)

• Daisy chain multiple E-modules including E-sensor8 and E-opto16 combined
• Uses standard RJ-45 connections and CAT5 LAN cable
• Data transfer rate: 115.2 KBPS
• Maximum extension cable run length: 300 meters (1000 feet)
• 1 RJ-45 expansion module input (E-in)
• 1 RJ-45 expansion module output (E-out)
• Compatible with AKCPs complete line of intelligent sensors
• Connect up to 600 AKCP intelligent sensors to one securityProbe 5E

Operating Environment

• Min. -35° C – Max. +55° C

• Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)

• 400,000 Hours

Product Comparison

Comparison between the E-opto16, X20, X60, IO-Digital8 and DCS15

• The extra dry contact inputs on the X20 and X60 units can be switched from opto-isolated mode to non-opto isolated mode (jumper setting on the boards), where the E-Opto16 inputs are all shipped as opto isolated and cannot be configured as non-opto isolated. Because of this, the E-Opto16 inputs do require an input voltage as the module will not supply this voltage. See the E-opto16 product manual for connecting simple switches to the modules inputs.

• The extra dry contact inputs on the X20/X60 units do not require any input voltage if left in their default configuration of non-opto isolated (see the sensorProbe manual for these jumper settings). The E-Opto16 (16 opto isolated dry contact inputs) expansion unit is used when the customer requires inputs of more than 5 Volts DC up to 24 Volts DC, hence the use of the term opto-isolated.

• Differences between the E-Opto16 and the IO-Digital8 (8 inputs or outputs on a single sensor port) and DCS15 (single input or output on a single sensor port).

• Compared to the E-opto16, the IO-Digital8 is for 5 Volts or less and it has the added advantage of supplying 5 Volts output at 20milliamps. This would be used if the inputs require 5 Volts or less or the requirements are a 5 Volt output. The DCS15 is the same only using a single input or output on a single RJ-45 port.

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E-sensor8 Sensor Expansion Unit


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