PIR Hardware Motion Detector


AKCP’s passive infrared motion detector detects the presence of movement, it is specifically designed to be integrated with the sensorProbe and securityProbe series.



Its unique design makes it possible to be mounted on a wall or ceiling. It is available in a small easy-to-install package. To prevent false alarms, this motion detector characterizes the optimum detection angle.

It is also compatible with any AKCP sensorProbe and securityProbe, or securityProbe 5E.

To add versatility, up to 10 motion detectors can be linked together and plugged into a single RJ-45 sensor port.

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PIR Hardware Motion Detector’s Main Features

• Wall/ceiling mounted design
• Weatherproof protection
• Surface mount technology
• High RFI immunity
• Up to 10 Motion Detector Sensors on a single port


Powered by sensorProbe/securityProbe

Power Consumption
Typical 51.40 mWatt, 10.28mA

Infrared sensor dual element

High sensitivity

• -20 °C~50 °C (4 °F~122 °F)

65×60×35 mm

Detection angle 60°

Maximum working distance
• 3 m (9 feet)

Maximum cable length
• single motion detector sensor is 300 m (1K feet)
• 10 motion sensors is 46 m (150 feet)
* Maximum length of cable between each motion sensor should less than 6 m (20 feet)




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