At the core of the sensorProbe8-X20 is the sensorProbe8, which is then married with the 20 Dry Contact System. This offers support for remote monitoring and management of a wide range of external devices.



This offers support for remote monitoring and management of a wide range of external devices.

The sensorProbe8-X20 system enables connection and monitoring of devices like HVAC Systems, Security Equipment, UPS, Generators, Industrial Equipment and much more.

The sensorProbe8-X20 embedded web server makes the addition of these devices easy. The sensorProbe8-X20 comes with 8 autoSense Intelligent sensor ports, for connecting a wide range of our intelligent sensors.

An additional 20x 2-wire dry contact ports are provided giving a total of up to 28 dry contact ports. The specially designed 2 wire dry contact ports are easy to use and allow you to make your own dry contact cables quickly. The sensorProbe8-X20 is a completely embedded host. It is equipped with a TCP/IP stack, internal web Server, e-mail and Full SNMP functionality.

sensorProbe8-X20 safeguards your infrastructure, resources, and investments from external disaster before it happens.

Additional information

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• Fully embedded TCP / IP and Web Server
• Built-in notification Suite
• 8 autosensing ports for AKCess Pro sensors
• Web-Based Interface for easy configuration and monitoring
• Login for User and Administrator for increased security
• Battery-backed time of day clock for an accurate system date and time
• A standalone product without any external hardware and software dependencies
• Microcode firmware updates over the Internet
• Customized color configuration for displaying alerts
• Network Management System integration
• An additional 20, 2 wire dry contact input ports are provided, giving a total of up to 28 dry contact ports


• Size 18″ x 5″ x 1.65″
• 1U Rack Mount Standard
• Weight 2.25 Kg

• x8 RJ-45 ports for connecting AKCess Pro sensors
• 20, 2 Wire dry contacts. Input only up to 5VDC and up to 40VDC in opto isolated mode using internal jumper setting.

Operating Environment

• Min. -35° C – Max.80° C

• Min. 20% – Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)

Power Requirements
• Voltage 7.0 – 9 V / >= 3 Amp

Network Interface
• Standard 100MB Full Duplex Ethernet RJ-45 Port

• Configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any of the 8 RJ-45 sensor ports

Power Consumption
• 1.90 Watt, 0.21A

Status Indicators
• LED indication for Power
• LED for Network Connectivity
• LED for sensor online and threshold status

• Manufactured using highly integrated, low power surface
mount technology to ensure long-term reliability.

Port Configuration




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