Siren and Strobe Light Alarm




The combined siren and strobe light adds eye-catching visual and audio alarms to the sensorProbe or securityProbe series of devices. When triggered, the siren will generate a loud alarm sound and the strobe light will flash brightly, giving a clear alert of an alarm condition.

The siren and alarm are both incorporated into one device. Up to 2 sire and strobes can be connected to the intelligent sensor ports on the sensorProbe2 device. On sensorProbe 8, securityProbe 5E and E- sensor8 expansion module. Each device comes with a free CAT5 cable, 5 feet in length. You can connect the siren / strobe light using your own CAT 5 cable up to 1000 feet, allowing the sensors to be positioned in hot spots.

When a combined siren / strobe light is plugged into the intelligent sensor port, the base unit willauto detect the sensor, and it display the status of the device. The siren / strobe light can be triggered manually, via the web interface, or it can be configured to turn on at certain times, through the web interface.

The device can be triggered by any sensor connected to a sensorProbe or securityProbe device, or by an alarm condition generated by the base unit. It can be fully integrated with the sensor notification matrix on the securityProbe series. Each device has its own SNMP OID so that status can be collected over the network. Additionally, the siren and strobe can be controlled via SNMP across a network.

Additional information

Weight 0.16 kg


The sensor can also be controlled manually using the following SNMP commands:
snmpset -m all -v 1 -c <community><IPaddress> .<port>i<option> options:
1 = allow-sensor-control
8 = cycle-On-Off-On
7 = cycle-Off-On-Off
3 = turn-on
4 = turn-off


Measurement range – Alarm or Normal
Communications cable – RJ45 jack to sensor using UTP Cat 5 wire
Maximum extension cable length 305m (1000 ft.) with approved lowcapacitance shielded cable or UTP
Sensor type – open/closed contact switch
Power source: powered by the sensorProbe. No additional power needed sensorProbe and securityProbeauto detects the presence of the sire and strobe Measurement rate – multiple readings every second
Up to 2 sensors per sensorProbe2, and 8 per sensorProbe8 and securityProbe Full autosense including disconnect alarm
Alarmsound: 100±3db@100cm
Strobe Flash Frequency: ≈400 Times/Minute
Light Source: Super bright LEDsx8
Dimension: 72×123×45 mm


Siren and Strobe Light


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