Netmon Appliance (Netmon-APP-64)


The no-compromise all-in-one network monitoring solution for enterprise and SMB’s.

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Unlike other network monitoring products, we don’t start you out on a basic and simplified (limited) version and have you buy additional plugins, features and licenses to build your complete network monitoring solution.

We provide you with our full, no-compromise and complete version of our network monitoring solution, hardware included.

How many nodes or device licenses do you require? It doesn’t matter anymore!

For the first time since releasing our software in 2005, we are offering unlimited amount of device licenses with our Appliance Edition.

  • Next Generation Netmon 1U Server Appliance
  • Unlimited Device Licenses
  • 1-Year Maintenance and Support
  • 1-Year Hardware Warranty
  • Guided Deployment (Up to 8 hours at no additional cost)

Hardware Appliance

• CPU – Intel Xeon E-2278G 3.4 GHz 8-core 16T 80W Processor
• Memory – 2666MHz ECC – 16 GB DDR4 RAM
• Storage – 2 x 1 TB (RAID 1) SSD, 98/90K IOPS (Internal Raid Controller)
• Connectivity – 8 x 1GB LAN, 2 SATA 3, IMMI, USB 3.0


Your Netmon Appliance will come with the latest version of Netmon 6.4 preinstalled and ready to go! For more information about our software please refer to our Overview Page

Maintenance & Support Subscription

Your Netmon Solution includes a 1 year Maintenance and Support Subscription. This can be renewed annually and includes:
• Toll Free Technical Support
• Software Updates and Patches
• Major & Minor Software Upgrades
• Warranty (Parts and Labour including Full Product Replacement)

Guided Deployment

The hardest and most time-consuming part of any project is the implementation. Our highly experienced team will fully guide and assist you through the deployment of your new Netmon and then train you so that you can fully reap the rewards of your investment!


A Complete Monitoring System

Monitor Network Traffic and Activity

  • Monitor real-time network activity with the Visual Network Explorer (VNE)
  • Integrated Layer 2 (Ethernet) Frame Analyzer
  • Integrated Layer 3 and 4 (TCP/IP) Protocol Analyzer
  • Automatic NetBIOS and DNS name resolution
  • Monitor live network activity at remote WAN sites with integrated Cisco NetFlow Collector (v1, v5 and v7)
  • Built-in protocol database identifies thousands of protocols
  • Raw packet capture utility (tcpdump format) for low-level packet analysis in compatible client software (i.e. Wireshark)
  • Instantly narrow activity views to specific hosts or protocols with easy to use filters
  • Realtime protocol analysis available on home dashboard
  • Custom reporting allows you to drill-down in to protocol distribution of your network traffic

Monitor Routers, Switches and Firewalls

  • Monitor bandwidth utilization on any physical or virtual interface
  • Detect interface flapping conditions or changes in the operational state of any network interface
  • Detect duplex mismatches 
  • Monitor frame collisions, errors and drops
  • Collect event and error logs, as well as SNMP trap messages, with full integration with email alert system

Email Traffic / Analysis & Reporting

  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) of email protocols such as POP3, IMAP & SMTP
  • Analyze the data gathered by our new DPI plug-ins through the email traffic analysis report and email resource statistics reports
  • Detect spambots on the network

Comprehensive Alert Management System

  • Centralized alert management view allows you to view, edit or delete any of the alerts present in your system
  • Pause an alert or schedule maintenance against any configured alerts
  • Flexible, recurring schedule from the Alert Management view

Server Monitoring

  • Monitor key performance metrics for Windows server and desktop platforms
  • Monitor CPU utilization
  • Monitor RAM utilization
  • Monitor server processes & services
  • Monitor event logs and security logs with built-in reporting and archiving capabilities

Event Log Monitoring

  • Fully integrated syslog server – aggregate syslog data from multiple devices into a single location
  • Organize syslog / event log data by host, facility and severity level
  • Powerful built in reporting and searching capabilities, including support for regular expression patterns as well as standard text search

Monitor Network Security

  • On-demand port scanner identifies open ports and network services on any target host
  • Background port scanning service identifies new network services as they appear on your network
  • Identifies new devices which have appeared on your network with integrated ARP Probe Service
  • Protocol Activity Alerts notify you when a particular protocol appears on your network

Reporting and Data Analysis Tools

  • Historical database of virtually all monitored activities
  • Customizable protocol and host filtering lets you narrow reports to specific hosts and/or network activities
  • Uptime/downtime and service latency reports
  • Bandwidth utilization reports
  • Sophisticated traffic and protocol analysis toolset
  • Build and save custom reports for later one-click delivery
  • Schedule automatic daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports
  • Export reports as CSV files

Monitor UPS and Battery Backup Systems

  • Receive a notification message when your UPS system switches to battery power
  • Be alerted if your UPS system is overloaded
  • Get a reminder when it’s time to replace your battery
  • Monitor the line quality of your utility power
  • Receive an alert if your UPS fails a scheduled self-test
  • Receive an alert if battery temperature is too high

Monitor Printers and Copystations

  • Send alert notifications to technical staff when paper jams or other device malfunctions occur
  • Send a reminder message to the office manager when paper or toner levels get low
  • Track hourly, daily and monthly usage rates for paper, toner and other consumables

Monitor Websites and Web Applications

  • Monitor websites and web applications with integrated URL Tracker Service
  • Easily differentiate between valid and invalid results through keyword matching
  • Supply additional GET parameters to test specific application requests such as search engines or database lookups
  • Perform sophisticated pattern matching with regular expression support

Monitor Environmental Conditions

* Requires SensorHawk/SecurityHawk add-on units

  • Monitor datacenters, server rooms, wiring closets and other locations for temperature or humidity changes
  • Detect the presence of water with the included water sensor
  • Monitor heat, air flow, voltage, smoke and more
  • Monitor door contacts and motion sensors
  • Monitor environmental conditions at multiple remote locations, including datacenters, branches and field offices, and process alert messages from a centralized console in your Netmon system

Administration and Management

  • Security groups allow you to assign distinct capabilities and permissions to Netmon user accounts
  • Full control over each distinct monitoring service. Turn off services which aren’t needed or required
  • Specify historical data retention policies for various individual monitoring services
  • Flexible data backup facilities, including backing up directly to a remote network share / file server
  • Label your own protocols by adding, editing or removing entries in Netmon’s protocol index
  • Customize email and pager message templates

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