Turn off all notifications with a simple turn of a key switch.


Carry out maintenance on areas that would normally trigger unnecessary multiple notifications. With this new product it is now possible to turn off all notifications with a simple turn of a key switch.

This product can be connected to the securityProbe Series as a dry contact and once set up is ready to work. Once connected there is no need to disable the notifications using the web interface, your maintenance engineer simply turns the switch connected to the unit, to turn off the notifications and when they have completed their work just switch the notifications back on.

Additional information

Weight 0.082 kg


• Works as a Dry Contact
• Connects to the securityProbe Series
• Saves time in maintenance situations
• Small and unobtrusive
• Powered by the securityProbe Units. No additional power is needed.
• Full auto sense feature including disconnect alarm


• Enabled or Disabled

Communications Cable
• RJ45 jack to sensor using UTP Cat-5 wire

Maximum Extension Cable
• 305m (1000 ft.) with approved low capacitance shielded cable or UTP.

Sensor Type
• Key Lock Switch

probeSwitch Dry Contact Sensor OID




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