RFID Swing Handle Lock


Manage who has access to your cabinets, and when.


Secure and Protect Computer Cabinet Assets
RFID Swing Handle Cabinet Locks (SHL) have a universal fit for most industry standard cabinet panel preparations. Easy to install, and connects to any sensorProbe+ base unit. Complete control over your cabinet security.

Manage who has access to your cabinets, and when. AKCP Pro Server provides a complete audited trail of access events on a per cabinet or employee basis. Know who accessed which cabinet and when. Swing handles can be unlocked with a manual key override, an authorized RFID card, or remotely under software control. The SHL is part of our Rack+ intelligent computer cabinet solution, which can also combine with In-Line Power Meters, Cabinet Thermal Maps, Sensor Status Lights and LCD displays.

Up to 12 SHL can be connected to a single SPX+ device, spreading the cost of the controller over multiple cabinets for a cost-effective solution.

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Weight 1 kg


Multiple Cabinets

Up to 12 RFID Swing Handle Locks can be connected to a single SPX+, monitor and control access for 12 cabinets, or 6 cabinets (front and rear doors) from a single IP address. Spread the cost of the controller across multiple cabinets for a cost-effective installation.

RFID Swing Handle Locks can be placed up to 15 meters cable length from the SPX+ base unit.


Card Reader

Supported Cards
• EM-Card, 125Khz Proximity cards, 26bits
• K4100/EM4100/EM4200/T5577
• Proximity Reading Range : 0-3cm

Handle Lock

Access Contro
• Up to 500 users

Ambient Temperature
• -25°C to 75°C

Ambient Humidity
• 10%-90%

• RFID Antenna, Motor

• Integrated key lock for manual override

LED Indicator
• RGB Color LED : Lock status and Access Control status

Locking Control

• Remote lock and unlock from the sensorProbe+ unit via Web Interface,
SNMP or AKCess Pro Server
• Calendar enabled locking and unlocking control
• Notification locking and unlocking control


Communications cable
• RJ-45 jack to sensor using UTP CAT5e/6 cable

Power source
• Powered by the sensorProbe+ familiy units. No additional power needed

Working Voltage
• DC 5V

Power Consumption
• Typical 0.35 mWatt, 70 mA
• Peak 1.75 mWatt, 350 mA

Communication Distance
• Run length is 12 feet (5 meters) with approved low capacitance shielded cable or UTP

• sensorProbe+ units auto detects the presence of the RFID Swing Handle Lock sensor

• Up to 12 RFID Swing Handle Lock sensors per sensorProbe+ unit

Important Note:

The RFID Swing Handle Lock sensor is only compatible with the sensorProbe+ platform units.

• When plugging the first time or after upgrading a sensorProbe+ unit, the sensor’s firmware might need to be upgraded by the unit and not be available right away.

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RFID Swing Handle Lock


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