Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor


Monitor the level in your fuel, or other liquid storage tanks. Ensure you never run low and are ready for the most critical moments.


Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensors are compatible with all securityProbe and sensorProbe+ base units. Suitable for any tank up to 2 meters fluid depth. Programmable tank profile provides accurate measurement.

• Monitor fuel level and know when to schedule refilling of the tanks
• Monitoring of fuel level for sudden drops that could indicate leakage or theft
• Graphing and record of fuel usage over time
• Compare fuel usage with fuel delivery billing.

Ultrasonic fuel level sensors work with any sensorProbe+ or securityProbe device, conecting to a single sensor port. Alerts can be sent through SNMP, E-mail and SMS (with optional cellular data modem). Remote site locations can be monitored from our central monitoring software AKCP Pro Server, which includes drill down mapping and customizable desktops to display the data you need.

sensorProbe+ and securityProbe devices are Modbus ready, making connection with many generator control panels easy via their Modbus RS485 output. Combined with an Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor it gives you a compelte remote site generator monitoring solution.

Additional information

Weight 0.614 kg

Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasonic Tank Sensors bounce high-frequency sound waves off the surface of the liquid. By timing the return of this wave the level of liquid in the tank can be established.

Invasive tank sensors require the cutting of a hole in the top of the tank for installation. This can easily be achieved with a hole saw. A standard SAE5 hole layout makes the mounting pattern easy to drill.


Tank Depth
• All size tanks with liquid depth up to 2 meters

Liquid types
• Works with fuels (Diesel, Kerosene etc), fresh water, grey water and black water

Base unit compatability
Requires securityProbe 5E, E-Sensor8 EXP or sensorProbe+

Communications Cable
• RJ45 jack to tank sender using UTP Cat 5 wire

Communications Cable
• Max. length: 50ft (15 meters)

Assembly and Calibration
• Comes fully assembled, only needs calibration and installation

Supplied leader cable
• Leader cable from tank sender to sensor box is 18 inches. Can be extended up to 50ft (15m)

Extension Cable
• Ships with 15ft CAT5 sensor cable, can be extended up to 50ft (15m)

Manufacturers Warning
• It is advised that the UFLS is not to be used with explosive chemicals of any kind.

Minium Tank Depth
• Not suitable for tank liquid depths less than 200mm

Measurement Method
• Acoustic sonic measurement

Tank Depth
• 0–2000 mm (6.5 ft)

Accuracy Distance
• 0–2000 mm (6.5 ft) at 2 mm accuracy

Full Scale Accuracy
• +/- 2%-5% Full-Scale Accuracy

• SAE 5 stud mounting pattern with gasket, seal and screws (top mount only)

Tank Type Style
• Metal and plastic with nonlinear capacity, with a thickness less than 8mm

Operating Temperature
• 4°C to 65°C

Electrical Specifications

Power Supply
• Operates from 12 VDC External Power Supply (included)

Current Draw
• 25 mA with 5 V gauge output

Ignition Protected
• ISO 8846

Fire Resistance
• Tested to ABYC, US Coastguard and ISO10088

Output types
• Analogue 10-180, 10-300, 240-33 ohm gauges and 0-5volt

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AKCP UFLS Ultrasonic Fuel Level Sensor

Remote Fuel Montoring and Access Control


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