Real Time Network Traffic Analysis

Because you Simply Need To Know!  Netmon is the only no compromise, all-inclusive hardware & software solution that offers a complete solution of features including our real time network traffic sniffing technology.

Sure there is a lot of Free software out there that monitors (what we call) basic functions and processes of your network.  But the issues that arise in almost daily can really slow down progress and efficiency for not only your IT team but the entire organization!

We are not offering just another monitoring solution! If that is what you are looking for... a simple web search will provide you with a lot of options...   For those who want a Real Solution, then the rest of this page is for you!   

Welcome to Netmon 6.2! 

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Real Time Network Traffic Analysis - NetworkTransparency

Netmon is a unique powerhouse appliance that provides unmistakably the best access, understanding, clarity and monitoring than any other software or solution on the market! Does Netmon do everything that all the others do? Sure!


So what makes us Better?

Great Question! Here is an outline of some of the defining –but unquestionably, amazing features...

Real Time Traffic Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

One of Netmon’s key and defining features is its ability to monitor and analyze the entire network infrastructure in real time, giving you a powerful and complete view of the current status of your network.

• Analyze Network Traffic
• Monitor Bandwidth Utilization
• Monitor Devices' Perfomance (Physical Network Infrastructure)
• Show Real-Time Network Conversations

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Alerting / Notifying

The key to any network monitoring solution is the ability to alert and notify users of malfunctions or any configured or set parameters.

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Event Log / SYSLOG Monitoring

Netmon gathers event logs created by devices that keep logs utilizing SYSLOG (and Event Logs on Windows Servers) and allows you to view and analyze logs from your entire network infrastructure in one centralized platform making them accessible faster.

Netmon even allows you to create alerts based on specific event log strings so that you get notified when there are issues!

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Historical Reporting

One of the key components of Netmon is its reporting functions. With Netmon you are able to output fully customizable and highly detailed reports over any desired time range about anything and everything on your network. This provides extremely useful data for proactive network administration, problem analysis and future planning.

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Multiple Location Monitoring

Netmon can receive and generate NetFlow data enabling for advanced remote network analysis and monitoring in real time. With a centralized Netmon Appliance you can receive NetFlow data from other Netmon Appliances (or CISCO devices that transmit NetFlow) from any location.

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Control, Confidence and Security is what you want and that is Exactly what Netmon gives you. Monitor and report on as much or as little as you want to! Either way, the information is always available to you, because Netmon is designed to “track and sniff” Everything –just in case you “need to know”.

Netmon GIVES YOU THE POWER to know EXACTLY and SPECIFICALLY what is happening on your network in REAL TIME, with dynamic and auto generated reports and alerts.

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