Open the Flow of Traffic Traffic issues are frustrating! You know that you have enough bandwidth to meet your average demands, yet you are still struggling with sluggish device performance. Naturally you assume that something or someone is causing the slow down, but the real question is: Who, What and When? This is where you will see the Netmon 6.2 difference! In addition to everything that you would receive from another monitoring system- free or paid- we also offer answers to your RIGHT NOW or anytime questions. We understand that when you are feeling the pressure from sluggish performance, you need to know why it’s happening and what is causing it so that you can jump into immediate action to get the system back into peak performance mode. So how can you determine the What and the How?

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Real Time Traffic Monitoring

Real Time Traffic Monitoring - Flow of Traffic

Imagine the control you would have if you could log-in and immediately be greeted with an auto-generated problem detection report that not only tells you when spikes are happening but also gives you all the drill-down information that specifically identifies the EXACT CAUSE of the spikes. If an IP address or addresses are causing the performance issue you will know EXACTLY what the activity within the IP address is!

Netmon GIVES YOU THE POWER to know EXACTLY and SPECIFICALLY what is happening on your network in REAL TIME, with dynamic and auto generated reports and alerts.

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Here are just some of the exceptional assets you get with Netmon’s exclusive Real Time Monitoring capabilities…

  • Monitor real-time network activity with the Visual Network Explorer (VNE)
  • Integrated Layer 2 (Ethernet) Frame Analyzer
  • Integrated Layer 3 and 4 (TCP/IP) Protocol Analyzer
  • Automatic NetBIOS and DNS name resolution
  • Monitor live network activity at remote WAN sites with integrated Cisco NetFlow Collector (v1, v5 and v7)
  • Built-in protocol database identifies thousands of protocols; customizable to your environment
  • Raw packet capture utility (tcpdump format) for low-level packet analysis in compatible client software (i.e. Wireshark)
  • Instantly narrow activity views to specific hosts or protocols with easy to use filters
  • Real time protocol analysis available on home dashboard
  • Custom reporting allows you to drill-down into protocol distribution of your network traffic

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Netmon doesn’t stop there! Check out a complete list of all the powerful Netmon features including:

  • Comprehensive Alert Management System
  • Email Traffic / Analysis & Reporting
  • Monitor Routers, Switches and Firewalls
  • Server Monitoring
  • Event Log Monitoring
  • Monitor Network Security
  • Reporting and Data Analysis Tools
  • Monitor UPS and Battery Backup Systems
  • Monitor Printers and Copystations
  • Monitor Websites and Web Applications
  • Administration and Management

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