Remove Manual IT Troubleshooting with Real Time Traffic Analysis

Remove Manual IT Troubleshooting

It does not matter how BIG your IT team is – this little device doesn’t need much. No fancy desks, gadgets, vacation days or sick days.  It keeps your team working efficiently and effectively so that they can focus on the real matters!

Sure there is lots of Free software out there that monitors (what we call) basic functions and processes of your network.  But the issues that arise almost daily can really slow down progress and efficiency for not only your IT team but the entire organization!

We are not offering just another monitoring solution! If that is what you are looking for… a simple web search will provide you with a lot of options… some good, some not so good.

For those who want a Real Solution, then the rest of this page is for you!

Welcome to Netmon 6.2!

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Real Time Traffic Monitoring

Real Time Traffic Monitoring - Flow of Traffic

Netmon is a unique powerhouse appliance that unmistakably provides the best access, understanding, clarity and monitoring solution on the market!   Does Netmon do everything that all the others do?  Sure!


Netmon makes “Manual Troubleshooting” a thing of the past.  Stop wasting your time trying to determine what the problem is- spend your time fixing it!   No more guessing, no more frustration – simply let the system tell you Exactly what you need to know.

Better yet, why wait until there is a problem before you troubleshoot?  Let Netmon tell you about a problem- before it becomes a problem- through its systems alerts which are available on the dashboard.

Need to protect your intellectual assets?

Control, Confidence and Security are what you want and are Exactly what Netmon gives you.   Monitor as much or as little as you want!  Either way, the information is always available to you, because Netmon is designed to “track and sniff” everything –just in case you “need to know”.

Netmon GIVES YOU THE POWER to know EXACTLY and SPECIFICALLY what is happening on your network in REAL TIME, with dynamic and auto generated reports and alerts.

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Here are just some of the exceptional assets you get with Netmon’s exclusive Real Time Monitoring capabilities…

  • Monitor real-time network activity with the Visual Network Explorer (VNE)
  • Integrated Layer 2 (Ethernet) Frame Analyzer
  • Integrated Layer 3 and 4 (TCP/IP) Protocol Analyzer
  • Automatic NetBIOS and DNS name resolution
  • Monitor live network activity at remote WAN sites with integrated Cisco NetFlow Collector (v1, v5 and v7)
  • Built-in protocol database identifies thousands of protocols; customizable to your environment
  • Raw packet capture utility (tcpdump format) for low-level packet analysis in compatible client software (i.e. Wireshark)
  • Instantly narrow activity views to specific hosts or protocols with easy to use filters
  • Real time protocol analysis available on home dashboard
  • Custom reporting allows you to drill-down into protocol distribution of your network traffic

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Netmon doesn’t stop there! Check out a complete list of all the powerful Netmon features including:

  • Comprehensive Alert Management System
  • Email Traffic / Analysis & Reporting
  • Monitor Routers, Switches and Firewalls
  • Server Monitoring
  • Event Log Monitoring
  • Monitor Network Security
  • Reporting and Data Analysis Tools
  • Monitor UPS and Battery Backup Systems
  • Monitor Printers and Copystations
  • Monitor Websites and Web Applications
  • Administration and Management

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