The Internet is Slow! Fix Slow Network Issues with Netmon

slow network bandwidthImagine you are at your desk and receive a call: “The internet is slow!” What do you do? What do you start with? You would probably run an online speed test but what does that really tell you? It doesn’t tell you if the entire office is experiencing slow network speeds and it doesn’t tell you who or what is using all the bandwidth.

Troubleshooting a Slow Network with Netmon

With Netmon’s Network Monitoring Software troubleshooting your slow network becomes very trivial. We take a quick glance at the Netmon’s bandwidth monitor dashboard and see the following.

You will see that the internet connection upload is running consistently at around 700 kbps and since we know that this particular client’s DSL connection has a max of 800 kbps up, we know exactly why the internet is slow.

We then take a glance on the right hand side of the dashboard and refer to the Top Activity Snapshot Panel.


Here we see a breakdown of the top bandwidth activity on the network and we notice that the Domain Controller is uploading data offsite over the internet taking up all their bandwidth. We can also generate and schedule reports for bandwidth consumption over predefined time ranges to see what processes, users or devices are using up the most bandwidth each month, week, or day.

This is only one of many network monitoring tools and features used by our System Administrators every day. To see a full breakdown of the powerful capabilities of Netmon please visit our product information page, or try out the product yourself on our Live Demo Page!

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