Try Out Netmon 6.4

We have several options for you to get you better acquainted with Network Monitoring with the latest version Netmon 6.4;
Take a look at our 2 videos that briefly introduce Netmon and take you around the graphical user interface of Netmon.

Live Working Demo

After you have viewed the videos to familiarize yourself with the layout you may log into a live instance of Netmon 6.1 running in a working office environment.
Here are the credentials for you to do so:
User ID: demo
Password: demo742

Login Here

Free Product Trial

If you would like take it even further by trying Netmon 6.4 in your own environment, please contact us using the form below and we'd be happy to provide you with a trial key and instructions on how to install Netmon 6.4.
***Please note that the installation of Netmon 6.4 can be challenging unless you are familiar with command line / Linux. Be sure to to take a look at our product & set-up documentation Here.

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