What’s New in Netmon 6.2


New Features / Additions

• Add the ability to schedule multiple alerts at once, in a nested-by-device layout
• Add the ability to click on a network port (interface) and add an up/down (connectivity) tracker
• Display values along with the disk tracker graphic to provide detailed disk usage information
• Make all reports exportable to CSV
• Add the ability to add multiple trackers at once during an SNMP walk in the device dashboard
• Add the ability for 'follow-up' alerts - alerts that will remind you when a tracker is down for an interval of time
• Show both the name and the port number in the protocol analysis graph as well as any reports that utilize traffic analysis
• In long drop-down lists, enable searchable lists with autocomplete
• Add the ability to open new browser windows and tabs without having to re-authenticate
• Add the ability to open a support tunnel directly through the Netmon web UI
• Show the current patch level on the login page
• Remove all but one patch level to simplify the process

Traffic Analysis Extended

• Add the ability to click on a protocol analysis selection on the home dashboard and be able to see network traffic report for that specific time period selection
• In the "Recent Activity" section, default to the ' local traffic analysis' source but also add a dropdown that will all for selection of different traffic sources (Netmon Remote, NetFlow)
• Brand new report based off the 'Protocol Analysis Graph' on the home dashboard
• VNE (virtual network explorer) legend and colour scheme update to easily identify local vs external vs local unmanaged traffic

General Modifications / Cleanup

• Maintenance Scheduler Date and Time selection Format (and other locations which use date format)
• Fix the name of interfaces within the report builder
• Fix the label on the "Conversation Report”
• Ability to delete multiple hostnames


Simple GUI Upgrade!

If you are on a Netmon Maintenance Plan and on the latest version of Netmon (Netmon 6.x) you can now upgrade to Netmon 6.2 by going to the 'Settings' panel and checking for updates. (As always, be sure to back up your current configuration of Netmon before running any upgrades).

If you are on an earlier version of Netmon, or require special assistance, we offer Professional Services for upgrading you to the latest version of Netmon (see the 'Professional Upgrade Service' section below).

Hardware Compatibility

Netmon 6.2 is a major release and has minimum hardware requirements that some of the older appliance models do not meet. Please contact Netmon Sales to see if your product is capable of running Netmon 6.2.

Your current hardware won't support Netmon? Trade up your existing Netmon Appliance to our brand new powerful Netmon Appliance pre-installed with Netmon 6.2!

***As a current Netmon Maintenance subscriber you will receive credit for upgrading to our New Appliance. Contact Us to find out more information! 


Netmon Professional Upgrade Service


Whether you need help completing the upgrade or simply want Netmon installed and configured in the most efficient and timely manner, we are ready to make your transition smooth!

What's included?

• Back up existing Netmon configurations and settings

• Installation of Netmon 6.2 (If you are on a version older than Netmon 6 the configuration requires manual migration of your configurations to work with Netmon 6.2. There is no simple script to upgrade you from earlier versions)

• Reconfiguration and Migration of Netmon 6.2

• Guided Netmon 6.2 walkthrough of new features and functions


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