Why Network Monitoring? An example.

Why Network Monitoring in your business / office?

Your users / clients are pretty effective network monitors; if the internet at the office goes down, the network monitor takes up to 1 minute to discover and 3 minutes to alert you. Your users also alert you right away because their application has disconnected, but do they know where between their computer and the application the failure has occurred? We are going to examine why network monitoring is crucial to operating your business networks.

Is it a DNS issue? Is a network device down? We turn to our Network Monitoring Software.

network monitor dns uptime

The screenshot here suggests the internet is working and DNS is up; as well as any network device that is connected in between. This single line alone gives us a great deal of information without putting any effort into the matter. Let’s investigate further.

Is the network saturated instead?


As the screenshot suggests, gigabit network saturated with iscsi traffic. Looks like a backup is running which begs to question, is this the reason users were disconnected? Should this backup be running after hours?

Is it their workstation that has disconnected from the network? Again we take a look at the Network Monitoring Software and see that our PING tracker has timed out to their workstation meaning they’ve disconnected. With this information, we know that we should investigate the issue on the workstation, its interface, etc.

why network monitoring for workstation

This is just one every day example of IT Management / Sys Admin duties and the use of a Network Monitoring Software such as Netmon.


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